Spatial Relations Organize your space, free your mind.

Ellen Fischel, LMSW
Getting organized - at home and at work - would vastly improve our quality of life, according to a December 2008 NAPO-sponsored survey. Of the respondents, 65 percent described their home as at least "moderately disorganized" and 27 percent said disorder keeps them from being effective at work.  (source: McClatchy Newspapers)

Fed up with feeling cramped in your apartment?

Overwhelmed with where to start in organizing on your day-off?

Downsizing and not sure where to begin?

Tired of staring at your pile of mail building up?

Can't find what you need in your apartment when you need it?

Preparing to sell your apartment and don't know where to begin?

Growing weary of staring at your "to-do list" and
ng it get longer without crossing things off?

Benefits of having a professional licensed spatial relations consultant:

    • one-on-one realistic goal setting
    • help to reach personal and/or professional goals
    • creative and functional systems to space save and organize
    • help overcoming loss of control and help regaining control of your things
    • less stress and frustration
    • enable you to be more productive with your time
    • making to-do lists and working at productively crossing things off that list

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